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The latest Gallup poll found that an insignificant 10% of Americans think Bush did something illegal. This has to frustrate the Democrats, because Lieberman, McCain, Kerry and Daschle are all out there pounding on this point. The Enron investigation is dragging because Lieberman’s afraid of what might come out of it about his fellow Democrats.
By the way, when will the mainstream media point out that these guys are presidential candidates and stop reporting their sound bites as coming from objective, disinterested parties? They’re positioning themselves for runs for the White House. Their every word is calculated to inflict as much damage on the incumbent president, George W. Bush, as possible.
Why should Bush have to meet the “demands” of a bunch of senators? Bush is the one with a 73% approval rating. Senator Joe Lieberman is the one who slurped up a quarter of a million dollars in Enron cash. Enron’s auditors have also contributed huge amounts of money to Lieberman. Yet he continues to run this “investigation” into Enron, because he knows it’s not a serious quest to find wrongdoing. It’s just a position he can use to damage the man who he wants to replace in 2004.
Everybody is talking about Harvey Pitt and his conflicts of interest; how about these? The guy running the Senate committee looking into Enron is in deep with Enron, all of its accountants and its largest debt holder. If these people really cared about corporate fraud, would the Enron investigation be dragging on until it could cause the maximum political waves? If Lieberman were as honest as we all thought he was before he changed all his opinions to run with Algore, and if he were interested in doing his job with impartiality, he’d recuse himself.

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