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It’s all part of the Democratic strategery to do all they can to talk down the economy, and then tie that negative economy to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. What is happening with Halliburton and Cheney, which we cover in Press Hounded Cheney To Sell, Now Engaged In Character Assassination, is 100% pure politics. The Democrats screamed he should sell his stock, and now they’re screaming because he listened to them and sold it. The poor guy can’t win.
The media won’t point out these sorts of contradictions, and sadly neither will the Republicans, as we take on in If We Can Do it, You Can Do It, RNC. When Matthews asked Senator Kerry, “Don’t we have a good, solid growth rate with regard to the actual economy?” Kerry said, “We’re doing pretty well in some regards but we could be doing better,” and whines about typical boilerplate liberal bogeymen like the deficit. He makes the ridiculous, disproven claim that government spending will stimulate the economy, and then claims that Medicare, Social Security and the “average people” are losing money to the rich.
Nobody is getting richer right now, at least in terms of their investment portfolios. And the “dafycits” as former Tennessee senator Jim Sasser used to whine about? We had the highest sustained economic recovery of the post-war period when the deficit was running through the roof thanks to the Democrats in Congress. There is no shift of wealth. The U.S. Trust survey found that the so-called rich, like Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz, have watched their portfolios drop by 18%. Liberals ought to be happy! This notion that there’s a shift of wealth from Medicare and Social Security, and that it’s tied to the market, is absurd! The rich are taking it on the chin just like everybody else.

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