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Chris called to point out that the Bush administration is holding an American citizen, Jos? Padilla, without due process under the Patriot Act. He said that represented a bending of the Constitution every bit as bad as the Democrats’, and listed the new powers it gives to federal forces.
Folks, don’t look at Jos? Padilla as an innocent American citizen getting caught up in an extra-constitutional activity. He’s an Al-Qaeda member, and we’re at war with Al-Qaeda as surely as we were at war with the Germans in WWII. And just as we tried and executed two Nazi saboteurs who held U.S. citizenship, we can hold Padilla now.
There are no constitutional rights for the soldiers or the enemies of America who are engaged in combat against us. Besides, George Bush and John Ashcroft don’t look at the Constitution as an impediment in the way liberal Democrat leaders do. They’re genuinely trying to protect Americans, and as such, you should feel more comfortable about this Padilla case.

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