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If we don’t do anything about Social Security, the Baby Boomers are going to be up the creek without a paddle. We conservatives want to solve the problem, but the Democrats want to keep it as a sweet issue they can use to scare grandma into the voting booth. We don’t know just how much money Tom Daschle and his wife make because they refuse to release their tax returns, but we do know they make millions. Yet he and Dick Gephardt are out there saying that their own mothers will starve and are living on Social Security alone! This is sick, and it takes me back to the school lunch program.
The Democrats dragged out all these parents to say that if the school lunch program was “cut” (there was never any plan to cut it, of course; it was just a reduction in the rate of growth – a 4% increase in funding), their kids would starve. What, you parents are not going to feed them? It’s the same thing with Daschle! His Senate majority leader salary alone is $161,200 a year! If you were a good son, you’d support your mother if she needed a helping hand. Why is Mama Daschle living only on Social Security, Tom? What kind of quality of life does she have on that check? Does Tom Daschle love his mother? Why let her suffer just so he can say he relates to these other senior citizens out there who are also suffering?

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