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He did this in response to the never-ending claims of the Democrats that the Republicans wanted to “cut” Medicare. Guess what? Somebody tried to collect the money. Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS) sued for it, and an appeals court threw out the case. The judge said there was no false statement. Some 80 people filed claims for the money, all of which were rejected by the RNC. Taylor went to court and was slapped down.
An aide to Taylor said he was “unavailable for comment.” This story actually came out on Tuesday, but I wanted to see if it would make it beyond this tiny little blurb in the Associated Press. I didn’t see it anywhere other than on the AP newswire. I didn’t see the mainstream press run this story. I haven’t seen it in the New York Times. I haven’t seen it anywhere. This is not to say it’s nowhere; I can’t read everything. But in the sources that I consult each and every day in the diligent effort to prep this show, I haven’t seen one reference of this.

What this means is that a judge found that the Democrats lied about Medicare cuts in 1995. It means the entire campaign that the Democrats ran to defeat the Republicans on that budget battle in 1995 – which resulted in a government shutdown ? was total bovine excrement. There were no Medicare cuts. No Democrat could prove Barbour’s statement false, which means the Democrats were lying when they were talking about Republicans cutting Medicare. It’s been found to be the case in a court by a judge! I wanted you to know.

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