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The United States has pledged $5 billion to the Third World to eradicate poverty – but these people are angry that Bush isn’t going. Well, our president doesn’t want a bite of your hypocrite feast. We send money to the poor people you step over as you stumble home drunk on bubbly. It’s the same thing in Zimbabwe. The communist system is destroying a country that used to be referred to as Africa’s breadbasket, and turning it into a wasteland by stealing farms.
These are the people demanding we have a coalition! They’re hypocrites. Just look at how McDonald’s took heat for introducing the McAfirka burger in Norway. The sandwich is based on African recipes, but the liberals accused McDonald’s of marketing the McAfrika at a time when millions of Africans face starvation. McDonald’s shut the protest down by agreeing with the protesters and putting donation boxes, posters and tray liners which will inform customers of the terrible conditions in Africa.
But where’s the anger over this Mugabe in Zimbabwe starving his own people? Where was the anger against the Somali warlords and the failures of communism? No where, because Mugabe is a good communist. If McDonalds had any guts, they would offer the McMind-Your-Damn-Business-and-Let-Me-Eat-in-Peace burger – with fries, of course. Just remember this next time you hear that capitalism is ruining the world, folks. You never see this kind of starvation in capitalist countries, only in the supposed worker paradises.

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<a target=new href=”/home/stacks/01401.guest.html”>(UK Sun: Lobsters, caviar and brandy for MPs at summit on starvation)</a>

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