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If you’re going to do anything, talk positively about his Social Security plan. Don’t go on the defensive. Don’t think that the Democrats are all-powerful and full of wizardry and that they are going to pull a rabbit out of their hat at the last minute. The idea that Social Security is going to end or be reduced is just silly. Why not say so?
If any of you seasoned citizens give this Bowels ad a moment’s notice, you have too much time on your hands. You ought to go back to work. David wanted to ask his mom, “Have any of you senior citizens not received your Social Security check?” I gently admonished him. I understand the emotion guiding this, but again: that’s the wrong thing to say.
That argument only puts the issue on the table. It specifically responds to the false charge. No. Frankly, I think this race is Secretary Dole’s to lose. This is Jesse Helms’ seat. The people there are wise to lies and smearing and demagoguery. People are fed up with all the demagoguery that’s been going on about Social Security, and they’re out there telling the truth about the GOP record.
Clinton and Gore raised taxes on Social Security in 1993. Not one Republican voted for that! That’s called going on offense. You know, one of my 35 Undeniable Truths of Life says, “The most valuable resource our young people have is senior citizens.” I think I’m going to have to add to that, “except when it comes to Social Security. On which they’re all wet.”

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