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What business is it of yours what’s on their menu? Shouldn’t you be concerned about what’s on yours? What is this? First we have a bunch of left-wing radical kooks threatening to sue McDonald’s and now we have the secretary of Health and Human Services sounding like he’s ready to piggyback on it.
With all due respect, Secretary Thompson, I do not think it’s the government’s business to be telling American business what kind of products or services it ought to be offering consumers, especially when you run the school lunch program for crying out loud. You call that a bastion of nutrition? The school lunch program is one big fast food operation itself, filled with all kinds of fried and processed foods fed to our poor children. If you want to change that program, be my guest. If you want healthful food on your own menu, then take care of it. But keep your hands off our Big Macs and Whoppers!
This is not something that ought to be happening in a Republican administration. It’s bad enough that you have these extremist, conspiratorial tort lawyers out there ginning up all this anger amongst a bunch of doofus citizens who don’t know how to take care of themselves, or don’t care to. But to then see a Republican Health and Human Services director pretty much get on board: “I want more choices and healthier choices on their menus, and I want more advertising campaigns.” This may as well be the IRS calling, wanting to talk to you about your tax return. It sounds like a shakedown. It’s really no different than that.

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