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Way back in 1980, I was in Kansas City doing radio commentary, and I suggested banning the ugly from the streets in daytime as a means of helping the economy recover. So I’ve been on this Uglo-American business for a long, long time.
Now, finally, the Norwegians are on board. The land of the midnight sun says that there are too many beautiful people on TV – and it’s affecting the public negatively. People are getting down on themselves because they look at TV and see tall, beautiful blondes. Guys are going out and getting chest implants to look like Thor over there.
I’m not kidding! It’s because of all these hunks on TV – mostly built with steroids. The point is that nobody is happy with who they are. What’s more, if you are happy with who you are, it said to mean that there’s something is wrong with you. It’s amazing, but true. We need more ugly people on TV, according to some in the nation that gave Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat peace prizes.

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