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RUSH: Who was the first Democrat to respond to the news that Senator Paul Wellstone had been tragically killed with the thought, “Hey, this could be a fantastic political opportunity!” Who was it? I was so depressed and embarrassed by the despicable non-memorial for the senator, that I literally didn’t want to do my show. You only get one of these services, and Senator Wellstone deserved better.

I had no idea that a political party would be so selfish as to take the occasion of a man’s untimely death and use it in this unseemly manner. Compare this spectacle with the memorial services for the World Trade Center in Manhattan. Did we have robust singing and applause at any of those memorials? Didn’t Democrats die there?

Governor Jesse Ventura was so disgusted he walked out, and is vowing to name an independent senator rather than a Democrat as he was previously inclined to do. These people booed Trent Lott. Is that the Wellstone legacy? No way. This was a man universally liked on a personal level. The people who were there to mourn Wellstone acted happy that he’s dead. These people are committed to mind control, while we are committed to freedom. That’s the difference between us.

The Democrats don’t trust their own voters to do the right thing as far as Democrats and liberalism are concerned, so they have to use every opportunity to force people to make an emotional voting choice. They’re actually putting out rumors that the White House knocked down that plane. It’s sick. This was nothing but a free, three-hour TV commercial disguised as a memorial (See: We Will Win! Say Yes To Mondull! Paul Who?). This was nothing but a group of people who hate and refuse to tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. But Wellstone was not a hater – and it’s disgusting to use his death to preach hate.

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