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Where conservatives look at people as individuals, Democrats looked at color. They told the 53-year-old Page that he couldn’t replace Wellstone because he happened to be black, and the state is overwhelmingly white. In Carl McCall’s case, they also put party above advancement: the bigger shambles the state Democratic is in, the better it is for Hillary Clinton – especially if it is in shambles as a result of partial participation by a Cuomo.
The Cuomos and Clintons were vying to run this state, and the Clintons won big time. The amazing thing is that they didn’t care that they had to sacrifice an African-American candidate of Carl McCall’s stature to do so. They don’t want him leading the state; they don’t want any Democrat to have power to rival theirs. They similarly trampled this guy Page in Minnesota and Joe Neal, the first black candidate for governor in Nevada.
Page is an associate justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, a “law-and-order liberal” with statewide name recognition from the Vikings. The Democrats told him he couldn’t have the job on the basis of his skin color. How can no African-Americans show outrage over Page and McCall and Jackson and Neal? There’s a whole lot of discrimination against blacks going on in the Democratic Party. It’s never reported that way, but what else would you call it? This is the DNC saying, “Get to the back of the bus.” It’s sick.

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