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What I do oppose is the notion that one lawsuit could wipe a company out and thereby prevent a company from ever going into business. The federal government is asking for these vaccines, but I doubt Dr. Jonas Salk would pick up a test tube to take a crack at Polio in the current climate. Statistically, you’re have some problems with any medicine. I’m not saying if there’s a couple deaths or illnesses that people should have no legal recourse, but don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
We should support limits – no punitive damages, just compensatory awards. You don’t need to be able to get a fourteen-gazillion-dollar verdict and put an otherwise fine company out of business, thereby preventing the vaccine in the first place. That will leave 280 million people unprotected against these agents that could be used to kill us. Osama would love that!

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(…audio of Tom Daschle protecting trial lawyers at the expense of your health)
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(…take a call, and make a brilliant point about the Saccharin scam)

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