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Daschle then charged that “at the 11th hour,” the GOP House rejected those tax increases. Now, I can’t let this go. What makes a mockery of the tax law, Senator Daschle, is tax law itself. What makes a mockery of it is requiring people to work one year out of every three as slaves to the government, so you can enrich your government power base. (See: Top 50% of Wage Earners Pay 96.09% of Income Taxes) Why do you think these corporations are splitting the country? They can’t make a profit or earn a living!
Why is it such a stupid or unpatriotic thing for a corporation to want to earn as much money as it can for its stockholders and itself, and to provide products for its customers at the lowest price as possible? That’s the name of the game: competition. The U.S. tax code is the biggest burden individuals and corporations face. I mean, I left the state of New York in part to escape taxes. Does that make me an unpatriotic citizen or does it make me smart?

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