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These inspectors are clueless. They’re driving around in something smaller than one of those itty-bitty, anti-war-looking, stupid, old 60s Volkswagen buses painted with “UN” all over it. You wouldn’t let a vehicle like this on the road in the United States, but these little Matchbox things are all over Europe ? and these are the people that are supposed to go find the weapons!
They did find their hotels, only a day after finding Baghdad ? they’re on a roll! So things are looking positive. I know that’s some of the lighthearted stuff, but you can’t deny that it’s ridiculous and funny. It’s not lighthearted in the sense of where it’s all going to end up. It’s just a group of incompetent, irrelevant boobs driving around a little Volkswagen bus. The UN ought to be embarrassed.
We ought to be going in there with armored personnel carriers. These inspectors ought to be going in there with some force, you know, with some sort of backbone. Instead they’re driving in their little energy efficient, nonpolluting little vehicle that’s run on little tires here about three inches wide. You wouldn’t even put them on your bicycle for crying out loud. I had to laugh, folks. I’m sorry.

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