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Yes, Nancy Pelosi compared herself to a Thanksgiving turkey. Next, Goodman writes: “The slice-and-dicing began with the usual suspects. The Economist called her ‘a disaster for the Democrats.’ The National Review foamed – and foam is the right word – that she was a ‘latte liberal.’ Rush Limbaugh dubbed her ‘Miss America’ and his political-porn Web site featured her head on a beauty queen’s body.
A political-porn website! Ladies and gentlemen, you didn’t know what you were missing here at RushLimbaugh.com! Not only do we have over 500 pages in the EIB Essential Stack of Stuff, the Dittocam, Rush’s entire Total Stack of Stuff updated every morning and heaps of content updated daily, but we have porn, too! If you missed it, you haven’t been looking!
All we did with Nancy Pelosi is play the Miss America song for her political update theme. She was getting heaps of press, just as she said in the quote about the turkey! What’s so offensive about comparing her to Miss America? We did put her head on a Miss America body. Big deal! Not only is this website right on the money, it contains years and years of facts to back up everything we say ? and it’s also funny, sometimes even hilarious. This is another great example of how liberals have no sense of humor. Political porn, indeed.

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