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This is no different than what Tom Daschle is doing or what the Democrats did during the campaign. It’s the same way they tried to battle Ronald Reagan. There are liberals all over the world, and there are loads of them in Canada. They are all bankrupt. They have no ideas. They can’t say anything constructive. Their only way to disagree with Bush is to call him a moron.

If anybody is a moron these days, it’s somebody who doesn’t get George Bush by now. For two years, he’s been making mincemeat of his opponents, supposedly the most brilliant, most caring people the world has ever known, America’s most liberal Democrats.
We talk about porous borders, and immigration problems. Well, obviously, ladies and gentlemen, it works the other way too, because it seems the liberals in this country are smuggling the politics of personal destruction northward into Canada. It’s one of the things I’ve always said: if you spread liberalism, export liberalism, you only strengthen the United States, because when you export liberalism you weaken the societies of competing nations and that’s exactly what’s happening in Canada. This guy looks like a moron. He’s not influencing any Americans. This only makes the love and affection and respect for George Bush by Americans stronger. Don’t be offended by this. I know it’s hard not to be, and it may be hard to applaud it, but you can smile about it, because this kind of stuff backfires every time it’s tried.

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