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Senator Edwards proposed last Thursday that the federal government assure every qualified haskrool graduate a free freshman year in college. Said Edwards (D-Litigation), “Providing a free year of college tuition will eliminate the sticker shock that scares off so many kids.” It doesn’t scare any kids at all. It scares their parents.
Now, there’s a whole bunch of things to say about this, which you can hear about in detail in the audio link below. First, rather than hand out goodies like a free first year of college, why don’t you think of returning taxes back to these parents, Senator Edwards, so that they can pay for college tuition or whatever they want themselves? And, second, why just one year, senator? Why not the first two years free? And if that’s a good idea, why not the first three years free or four, or five or however many it takes free?
See, Edwards is their fresh new face, and his new big idea is just an old-fashioned handout. At some point, every liberal idea will collapse of its own weight. It’s what happened in the Soviet Union, and it’s what happens to most socialist societies around the world.

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