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I admire Hootie Johnson, and I’ve been to Augusta. Despite what you may hear and read in the media, don’t think for a second that this will come to the canceling of the Masters.

Nobody is going to threaten Augusta. Nobody is going to threaten not to televise the Masters or say it can’t be a sanctioned tournament unless they let in women. That isn’t going to happen.

This whole thing is just so ridiculous. The relic from a bygone era here is not Augusta National. The relic is Martha Burk, her women’s organizations and their tactics, motives and objectives.My friends, if you take a serious look at what Hootie Johnson’s done for women in South Carolina where he was born, raised and lives, you will find that all that Martha Burk is saying about him is absolute BS. Hootie Johnson and the Augusta National people have a tradition, and there are a lot of other groups that have traditions in this country. They’re steeped in them, and there’s nothing wrong with them. That’s what living in a free country is all about.

Nobody is being hurt by not being allowed to join Augusta National. It’s a tiny little club. This is greatly misunderstood and has been tremendously miscast by the media, because the fight is being led by a bunch of liberals who are engaging here in an old-fashioned political policy that’s worn out and was discredited years and years ago. The feminists really lost out forever when the ERA never went anywhere, and they’ve been bitter ever since.

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