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ThisIsLondon writes: “Human rights organizations accused Britain of showing a belated interest in human rights abuses in Iraq, saying it steadfastly ignored them during the eighties when Saddam was waging an eight-year war on Iran.” What does that matter? If you’re a human rights organization, shouldn’t you welcome supporters any time you get ’em? “Rush, this guy keeps missing our jets flying over those no-fly zones. He’s no threat.” Please. Saddam is anything other than a 23rd-rate military power. He’s a terrorist and a terrorist organizer.
But he’s not going to fire his mobile missile launcher and give away their locations! You idiots! The point is that the British have announced and have accused that Saddam Hussein is guilty of gross human rights violations, and the world reaction is to yawn. They claim that they knew all along and we ignored it, yet now we trumpet this and they refuse to do anything to stop him! It’s sick. The only thing that might really annoy them is this: “Saddam Hussein practices torture by stubbing cigarettes out on prisoners’ bodies.”
You hear that, you Californians! He’s smoking cigarettes! That’s going too far. This is like Richard Allen Davis, who murdered Polly Klaas, and everybody said, “Okay, if he just says he’s sorry, we’ll forgive him.” (See the clip from Rush’s TV Show) But he shows up in court at his sentencing and flips off a cameraman, and everybody in America is outraged. I expect the same thing now with the knowledge that Saddam Hussein is stubbing cigarette butts out on prisoners’ naked bodies. That, my friends, is intolerable. Mass executions are one thing, but using cigarette butts on people? He’s crossed the line.

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