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If you listen to what he said on Tuesday in the EIB stories linked below, his whole point was giving the Democrats advice on how to glorify him. But what did he do for his party? I know you think the Democrats are going to hear this and eventually react to it and start doing the right thing. You don’t know them the way I do. I am the last person they’re going to take advice from – even in private. It isn’t going to happen.
Clinton had eight years in the White House. That’s what he did for himself. But the Democrats lost the House, the Senate and tons of governorships and state legislatures. Why, Jim Jeffords did more for the Democratic Party than Clinton ever did. What gives Bill the bragging rights? He not only didn’t help his party, he left it in a state of total disarray. That’s why we don’t want him gone. Clinton, Daschle, Gore and the rest of them can just keep talking.
The Democrats need a leader who can upstage Bill and Hillary Clinton. Do you see one? They need a party direction. They have none. They think Clinton is a great fund-raiser, but for what? For his own pet projects like the Clinton Library & Massage Parlor. Bill Clinton is an albatross around the necks of Gore, Pelosi, Daschle and everyone in that party – and they’re wasting their time criticizing people like me! They’re going to keep doing it, much to our delight.

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