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Yes, Joel is a member of the EIB family, having been a writer and researcher for the Limbaugh Letter, but that’s not why Rush found this book hard to put down. Rosenberg has worked for Steve Forbes and Benjamin Netanyahu, and now he’s written a book that really strikes home. Joel says, ‘I began writing The Last Jihad in January of 2001… The first page puts you in the cockpit of a hijacked aircraft – hijacked by Arab terrorists – flying in a kamikaze mission into an American city.’

After 9/11, his agent asked him if he worked for the CIA. There’s a lot of philosophy in the book. It’s very provocative and compelling. We have a lot of people like the Hollywood left who think all you need to do is be nice to people like Saddam Hussein or the mullahs in Iran and they’ll be nice to us. This has governed liberalism for decades – and this book shows the frightening consequences of that thinking, when the world’s worst tyrant gets the worlds most destructive weapons. Read it now, folks – while it’s still just fiction.

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