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Oh, this is right out of my mouth, ladies and gentlemen! Sharpton also said that Clinton, who was famously described as the “first black president” by Toni Morrison, was actually, “the first beige president. If I run, I will be the first black president.”What have I always said? If you fail, you better figure out why, be honest with yourself about it, and if you succeed, be honest with yourself about why so that you can continue winning or stop the losing. Sharpton is the first Democrat to point out exactly what’s up with that party. They did get their message out, and it’s a message that nobody wants.Within the Democratic Party, Sharpton has about as much credibility as I do, so the fact that he’s identified the problem isn’t going to help him, because the last guy they’re going to take advice from is Al Sharpton. In fact, I am toying with the idea of inviting Reverend Sharpton on the program, since we are the only two people pointing out the truth about what’s happened to the Democratic Party – including the fact that they’ve abandoned their black candidates and taken the black vote for granted.

I have declared myself America’s Black Leader, because unlike Bill Clinton, I’ve defended black candidates that Clinton’s Democratic Party refused to support.The national Democratic Party is very embarrassed of Sharpton. He’s considered a kook in his own right, plus he has higher numbers in a preference poll than Daschle and Gephardt combined. They’re not going to go out there and say Al Sharpton is making sense. That will be left for me to do. So, for now, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to reserve a special place here at the EIB Network for Al Sharpton.

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