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History makes clear that not even iron-fisted dictatorships can completely enforce equality of speech. The same applies in a republic. Even throwing people in jail won’t maintain government limits on speech. That’s what CFR supporters are basically doing: engaging in a false premise that they can control the fairness and equality of speech by taking the “money” out of it.
In the first place, the undefined notion of “fairness” and equality in political speech is none of their business. Did you know that James Madison had a weak speaking voice? He did. Yet he did not write the Constitution to ban loud, eloquent orators from running against him. The government does not and should not control speech. The Post writes that if CFR opponents win, “corruption will have been transformed into a legal right.”
CFR insulates our officials from the people in the same way communism or dictatorships do! On Thursday, a judge finally asked a CFR proponent: “Give me one example where the donation of money has equaled corruption in government.” It’s the politicians, not the money, that are corrupt! There will be less competition in the arena of ideas under CFR. The press will still enjoy free speech, but not you. Those claiming to be “reformers” seek to limit the amount of influence the public – you – can bring on your elected officials.
You can no longer join with like minded people in groups like the Sierra Club, NRA or ACLU to put on an issue ad. Not all donations are bribery or corruption, as John McCain claims. Do we want to throw people in jail if they dare to question the position of a candidate or an incumbent during the electoral process? Our system works better than anything that’s been tried in all of human history. Don’t mess with it just because some politicians are too thin skinned to take criticism, or too corrupt to take money without doing something illegal to get it.
Listen to this primer on liberty. Play it for your friends and neighbors. This is too important to let go, folks. It’s your duty to listen.

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