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Is this not mind-boggling? Here we have these 13,000 pages of Iraqi lies, and the press is breathless, “Oh, the documents are here! Do you see?” Yet these guys admit to having the plans and parts to build a nuke, and it’s not news. Hans Blix was almost out of breath running to the microphone to challenge the US to provide proof that Iraq is building these weapons. This is like the Brits report containing Amnesty International data on Saddam torturing and raping people, and Amnesty getting ticked off at the “timing” because it helped the United States.
Why would it matter when the message got out, if they really only care about stopping the human rights abuses? Seriously, does anyone really think the Iraqis, after Israel blew up their nuclear reactor the French surrendered and helped them build in 1981, just gave up? Does anyone think Saddam’s scientists told him that they are this close to a nuke, and he said, “Nah, screw it. Don’t finish. Let’s go bowling.” Folks, the Iraqis are not telling us anything we don’t already know. This is what makes this whole thing a farce.
It’s troubling that none of these politicians who denied the existence of this program, will ever be put to the test by any journalist. They won’t be grilled about their past comments. They won’t be asked, “What have you seen now, after saying you hadn’t seen any proof?” The answer to what they’ve seen is the Carville-Shrum-Greenberg memo. Those poll numbers are telling them that they look weak on defense, and they seem to be trying to out-tough Bush and demand he go after Saddam so they can win elections.

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