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No, the problem with you is that your imagination never intersects with reality ? such as the reality that Saddam Hussein may give nukes to terrorists. Perhaps you should imagine a mushroom cloud sprouting over Hollywood, Mr. Farrell. (Not that you’ve worked there in some time.) Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ) told Greta Van Susteren that the North Korean ship intercepted carrying Scud missiles to Yemen proves the NorKorComs are a bigger threat than Saddam.
The idea here is that we can’t focus on more than one threat at a time. Corzine wondered where our intelligence has been. Did you ever hear of your president, Bill Clinton, who gave the North Koreans two nuclear reactors to play with? Our intelligence people were watching the ship all along. We didn’t just spot it 600 miles off the coast for the first time. Bill Gertz broke this Scud story eight days ago in the December 2nd Washington Times.
It’s almost as though September 11th never happened and those 3,000 Americans never died. Why should we trust people who pretend for a living more than we trust the president? Are they not just “entertainers”? These are the same liberal retreads who sat silent when innocent people in three nations died so Bill Clinton could distract attention from impeachment. Where were you then, Mr. Farrell? You were silent ? just as you were when that KNBC reporter asked if there were any Republicans among your group of “imaginers.”
None of this is helping the Democrats get out of the rut they’re in. I think that with all these things – including the Trent Lott saga – they’re just digging themselves in deeper. They are only shoring up constituencies they no longer need to shore up, and wasting time on issues that will only continue to alienate them from the voters they actually need to win over.

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