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First off, I don’t rant. Second, we didn’t dedicate a whole show. (Wishful thinking, babes.) They report that I said that these women were recognized, not for their legitimate successes ? which, note, I acknowledged they had – but because they “flipped the bird to men.” They reported the basic thrust of my comments incorrectly, and then tailored them to fit their view. In the audio link below, I recount my first run-in with such feminists back during the ERA debate. That amendment failed to pass in the proscribed amount of time, and they wanted “extra innings.”
From the moment I maintained that the Constitution is not something easily changed as the rules of a baseball, these women have tried to have me thrown off the air. I keep good spirits about it, but they just can’t take criticism of their ideas. They stole a picture of me off RushLimbaugh.com, put a red X over it, and linked it to a pre-written e-mail addressed to me. Their story tomorrow will be how I shut down their website, and the website over at Ms. ? <a target=new href=”http://www.msmagazine.com/”>MsMagazine.com</a>. But don’t expect them to address the substance of what I said. They never do.

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