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None of this is to excuse what Lott said, but we must not be silent when Democrats claim all Republicans endorse segregation. You can hear me cite three columns that do just that in the audio link below. Joseph Krespino, who teaches his version of history at George Mason University, writes that the Lott situation is about Republicans “continuing to benefit from racial prejudice…[with] the Republican Party’s far-right base. It’s about the choice today to deny that the party is as much the party of Thurmond as it is the party of Lincoln.”
The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne picks up the same DNC talking point in a column titled, “The Party of Lincoln – or Lott?” Times columnist Adam Clymer tries to pull off the same slight of hand in: “The GOP’S 40 Years of Juggling on Race.” Funny how he claimed to have voted for Republican Dole when Bush called him a major league orifice, isn’t it? We cannot leave it to the left and the Democrats to, A: Explain history, and, B: Define us. They’re trying to demonize the modern South as part of their effort. It’s not fair.
These northeastern liberal elites have always hated and mocked the South, and now that it’s solidly GOP, they hate it even more. This isn’t about Trent Lott anymore. It’s about every conservative in this country being redefined as racist. Those accusations have not been responded to. There have been people trying to pile on the accusations of Lott just to save themselves from being lumped in with him, or because they think he’s a weak leader. But someone will be next, and it could be your favorite guy – or it could even be you.

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