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Quote #1: “Rush, you are an insensitive pig regarding your callous treatment of the unemployed.” Quote #2: “I am appalled at your lack of compassion for the unemployed men and women of America. Obviously you’ve never been unemployed in your life.” That’s my favorite one. Folks, I have been unemployed eight times. I’ve been fired over and over ? including once for no more than playing the Rolling Stone’s Under My Thumb “too many times.”
Quote #3: “Today’s job market is very competitive.” It always has been. Quote #4: “Decent-paying jobs are hard to find.” They always are. Quote #5: “Your crude comments on the unemployed starting their own businesses is stupid…. When a man isn’t working and struggling to provide for his family he does not have the money to start a business. You show yourself to be a fat, rich Republican.”
Of course, I’ve been svelte for some years now (video on CNN notwithstanding). Quote #6: “Unemployed men and women are not lazy.” I didn’t say they were. It’s Quote #7 that really burned. “You, Mr. Limbaugh, are totally out of touch; you who make a million dollars per month.” That really bugs me. I have not taken that kind of pay cut ? and wouldn’t be in a position to earn what I do had I listened to the likes of these e-mailers when unemployed. Telling people to believe in themselves is the ultimate in compassion.

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