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Anyway, Senator Edwards made his announcement that he is the latest Democrat to throw his hat in the ring for the presidential nomination in 2004. He held a press conference on Thursday morning, and the press dutifully covered it like it was breaking news.
We have a montage from this press conference announcement in the audio link below, as well as a clip from an interview he did on the Today Show. See if you recognize the key word in this montage. Let me just give you a hint: Edwards wants to be the champion of the little guys out there.
It’s the same old Democrat boilerplate. This has to be focus group and poll tested. He wants to be the champion of “regular people.” I think the regular people out there think they have a champion in the White House right now. Speeches like this by Edwards, with the overused words like “champion” and “little people” is just code for: “You’re a bunch helpless little ninnies out there and you need me.”
The Democrats continue to see the average American as an incompetent, incapable, quivering mass of Jell-O, cowering in the corner in utter fear of what’s outside the front door and needing assistance, when that’s not at all the description of the average American today, nor has it ever really been. The sad thing is that they’re trying to create just those kind of people. They’re trying to inspire people to be more dependent. It’s just sick.
Edwards’ supposedly “new ideas” are just a bunch of massive new entitlements on health care, prescription drugs, and education. At the same time, he talks about cutting the deficit and reducing government spending – and he does it all in a very condescending and boring way. It’s the old playbook, the old routes, and Edwards brings nothing new to it. He will be lucky if he gets above 15% in any of these polls.

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