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The Democrats are out there ripping the hell out of Bush and his preparations for the next terrorist attack for one reason and one reason only: when the next attack happens, they want to be able to come out while the bodies are being counted and say, “See, I told you so.” It’s almost as though the Democrats hope there is another 9/11-scale attack, just as they’ve been hoping that the economy goes south ? so they have an issue to run against.
Adam Nagourney wrote this Times piece, and you can hear me analyze it in the audio link below. Nagourney quotes Edwards, Lieberman, Howard Dean and other Democrats mouthing this line. It’s so hilarious to watch them react to what they think reality is. Everything is spin to them. They think they were shellacked in the last elections because they looked weak on national security, so they’re trying to out-security the president.
Why, Edwards proposed – as a supposedly new idea – a government agency that is exactly the Homeland Security Department that’s already been created! It’s even more funny hearing that knowing the Democrats blocked the creation of that agency because they cared more about keeping incompetent union people from being fired or good ones promoted than they did about protecting the skyscrapers we have left.
When that next attack happens, will the Democrats ask if the attack would’ve been prevented had Tom Daschle not bottled up a vote on Homeland Security for so long? No. When it happens, the Democrats will say it’s George W. Bush’s fault and not Al-Qaeda’s. That is a philosophy that runs throughout liberalism: the perps are never responsible for the commission of their crimes. It’s always somebody else’s fault or society’s fault. And these guys wonder why they lost?

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