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If there’s any doubt these people are locked in the past, I just gave you those two examples. And what’s this former trial lawyer stuff with Edwards? This guy claims he “championed, championed, championed regular people,” but what did he really do? He made his money suing corporations by using plaintiffs, and then taking anywhere from a quarter to a third of their awards to amass a multimillion-dollar fortune. He cashed in off the suffering and misery of his fellow man. Talk about obscene profits!
I know how these tort lawyers work, because my dad was a lawyer ? though not one of these oily guys like Edwards who demand their expenses paid even if they lose the case on behalf of a “suffering” client. Meanwhile, doctors in West Virginia and Pennsylvania have to talk about striking because they can’t afford their malpractice insurance to protect them from guys like Edwards who make money by suing whether the case has merit or not.
These “for the regular people” lawyers shut down ERs in Las Vegas for a while, and almost all surgeries had to be cancelled at four West Virginia hospitals beginning Wednesday as more than two dozen surgeons began a protest. In Mississippi, they’re losing OB-GYNs. They put a cap on huge awards to stop the flight of doctors out of the state a while ago, and the tort lawyers are suing the Mississippi legislature for that. Talk about Atlas shrugging!
In a bid to keep doctors from walking off the job on Wednesday, Pennsylvania Governor-elect Ed Rendell unveiled a proposal to reduce state malpractice insurance fund payments by two-thirds. Can you say “tort reform,” Senator Edwards? I’d keep an eye on Rendell as all these Democrats throw their hats into the ring. Keep an eye on him for the 2004 race, and keep an eye on the Tennessee Titans in the AFC playoffs. Watch them, and ignore the Dallas Cowboys. They are not going to go to the Super Bowl in 2004, in 2005 or 2006.

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