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In the audio link below, you can hear my live, spontaneous running commentary on the president’s remarks. The thing I want you to do, as you listen, is think about what you’ve heard from the Democrats since last week ? the whining and moaning and bellyaching. They didn’t even know what was in this proposal and they were attacking it viciously.
On the other hand, here is a man speaking positively and confidently. He’s very upbeat about his country and about you – the people who make it work. He talked about tax cuts as a benefit, not a cost. It was a great speech. This could be, my friends, as close as we’re ever going to get to me as president of the United States.
Just contrast his view of this country with that expressed by the Democrats and liberals the past four or five days and ask, “Which side would you rather be on, and in which side do you have more confidence in?”
We’ll see if the news media gives the same full-frontal coverage to the Bush plan that they gave the Democrat plan on Monday. Right after the speech, the Clinton News Network trotted out John Edwards to criticize the Bush plan. Tom Daschle came right out to bash it as well. I welcome this. I hope they keep it up through the night, because these guys can’t hold a candle to Bush. Compared to the president, these guys are all going to look petty and small.

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