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This rhetoric sounded very familiar when Saddam delivered it, and I quickly realized why: I’ve heard it from the richest man in the Senate, John F. Kerry, and all the rest of the Democrats.
You can hear me quote Dick Gephart, Nancy Pelosi, John Edwards and other Democrats mouthing talking points almost identical Saddam’s in the audio links below.
It’s almost as if Joe Biden is at it again. These people are standing “shoulder to shoulder” with Saddam Hussein’s stance that the war is a political tactic!
Here’s a headline from the Washington Post last August: “Democrats Worry About Iraq as Issue, Debate on War Seen as Diversion from Economy.” Jim Jordan, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was asked by reporters how Iraq might affect the elections. He said “General Rove” would “call in the air strikes.” He then went on to make the same point that the White House is simply using Iraq to distract people from a poor economy. So it’s obvious: Hussein is taking his cues from the Democrats in America.

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