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Lo and behold, the journal Nature has published a study finding that a natural chemical, hydroxyl, which scrubs pollution from the sky, is more abundant than previously believed, “leading scientists to wonder if they have been underestimating the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself.” This is precisely why true science is built on questioning, and not on a popular vote (how often have you heard “most scientists agree”?) or shouting down the few or the one who dares to say, “Hey, maybe the Earth isn’t flat.” Yet that’s precisely what those who have chosen to hijack the environment to destroy our way of life have done.
More environmental news, this from the journal Science: a scientific study has established that these glaciers have been melting for 10,000 years, as part of a natural process! Hey, Ariana Huffington and you anti-SUV nuts! Were there Canyoneros around in 8,000 B.C.? These are respected, peer-reviewed periodicals, folks. They have far more credibility than people who simply claim the label “environmentalist” without a single science class to back it up.
I want to use this as a rejoinder to John McCain (R-Media) calling for us to put the breaks on capitalism and prosperity because he buys this superstition that we’re causing global warming. The ignorant among us who believe this are no different from the cavemen who saw a lunar eclipse in the sky, and thought it was because they’d angered the gods. These people are exploited by communist anti-capitalists liars who claim that they alone stand for the universal values of clean water and air, as a way to destroy the lone superpower of this planet.

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