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As we know now (and as realists knew all along), Kim Jong-Il had no intentions of being the first dictator to abide by a piece of paper. Richardson himself says that they never really expected him to obey the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Rather than admit responsibility, Richardson tows this line that it was Bush labeling the NorKorComs part of the “Axis of Evil” that did it – despite the fact that they were building the weapons long before that speech!
They said the same thing about Churchill when he alone was calling Hitler evil, folks. Kim signed the agreement; liberals worldwide gushed about peace in our time, and Kim immediately began using the technology to make nukes – while accepting our food and oil aid to feed his army and fuel his tanks. Now Bill Richardson’s idea is to…talk to them again. I rolled clips of his ignorant statements on Sunday’s This Week, and they’re absurd.
Relying on more talking to get another treaty Kim won’t abide by is dangerous in the extreme, yet the mainstream press insist on echoing the left’s refusal to see the truth. Reuters runs a story that all but talks about Kim’s hairstyle “crackled with nuclear power,” as they used to say about Clinton’s jeans “crackling.” The American Prospect writes that “to his credit,” Richardson is working with the North Koreans through the State Department. To his credit?
On the political plus side for us, Bill Clinton is talking to Richardson every day. Clinton saw Jimmy Carter get that now worthless Nobel Appease Prize, and he thinks he can get one out of this too. Clinton is burning the phone lines to Richardson as Richardson talks to the NorKorComs. Of course, the motivation isn’t to help diffuse the situation he created. No, he wants to whitewash his image as the source of this nuclear problem. This all started on the Clinton administration’s watch, and during that time it worsened. Again: three nations joined the nuclear club under Bill Clinton.
The N.K. problem only became known once Clinton was gone, and the Impeached One himself made the hollow claims that he planned to blow up the reactors. The truth: Clinton left a nuclear mess for his successor to clean up. Only now, when it’s too late, is he doing anything to address the problem. Why? Because he knows he’ll be assigned blame if mushroom clouds start sprouting over Seoul. The Democrats just can’t get rid of Clinton – not when he sees a weapon of mass legacy destruction on the horizon.

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