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Well, we have a new hilarious Paul Shanklin parody of Joe Lieberman’s presidential announcement called, “Joe Candidate.” When we rolled the actual Lieberman announcement on Monday’s show, I thought it was the parody! That’s how scintillating Lieberman’s speech was, folks. There was something interesting to take away from it though. Lieberman said, “Today I am ready to put our country first, to fight for what’s right for the American people. I’m ready to protect their security, to revive their economy, and to uphold their values.”
Why do these Democrats keep separating themselves from all of us? Why does he say,”I’m ready to protect their security, to revive their economy, to uphold their values. Is he not an American citizen, is his security not threatened, are his values not in challenge? Does he not think of himself as one of us? Or is he different? Is he smarter than us? Does he know best how we should spend our money and live our lives?
This dovetails with what the Boston Globe writes in their lead editorial on Monday. These Democrats are all wealthy and successful people who are not being honest about who they really are. And they’re all having a hard time connecting with the American people, in part, because of that.

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