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During his last years, Clinton begged OPEC to raise its oil output and they snubbed him; Bush got them to open the taps with one phone call. People misunderstand our relationship with the Saudis. They think that we look the other way when the Saudis fund terrorism and other anti-American stuff because we need their oil. In fact, something like only 8% to 10% of what we get actually comes from Saudi Arabia. What we really get from them is stability.
I don’t care what the left says: you cannot underestimate the importance of oil to the functioning of the whole planet. Rich or poor, free or enslaved, north or south, oil is literally the fuel of the engine of human activity. That’s why leftist attempts to de-emphasize it are absurd. That brings me to Page Six in Monday’s New York Post. Norman Lear has founded an anti-SUV group with airheads like Arianna Huffington and Hollywood leftists like Chevy Chase – whose wife, the story is told, didn’t want to move into an apartment building because of they used too much wood in the d?cor!
Yet for all their weeping over trees cut down for lobbies and SUVs polluting the air, these liberal elitists don’t practice what they preach. The New York Post points out that Lear has a 21-car garage! The average American owns about 8 cars in his entire life!
Also on the list are Gweneth Paltrow (Mercedes SUV), Barbra Streisand (multiple SUVs) and the Chevy Chases (SUV that they “hate” but keep.) This doesn’t even bring up the cars they ruin in movies, their private jets, etc. See, liberals think that they’re so much smarter than you idiots out there. They can exempt themselves from their own restricted policies because they have a greater need and are serving a higher order. What a bunch of hypocrites – but safe hypocrites, because they drive the safest vehicles they can find.

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