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(Rush 24/7 Website Archive: Clone Rush For Libs?)

I illustrated what I deduced by playing sound bites from two liberals. First, I rolled John Podesta from the Beltway Boys on FNC. The former Clinton chief of staff has been assigned the task of putting together this new liberal EIB. He said of me, “I think he has a problem with telling the truth but I think he’s sharp, he’s controversial, he’s entertaining?” That old saw! He then said that Democrats don’t need people out there like me.
They think that what happens on the EIB Network is a result of slick packaging. They don’t think it’s issue oriented. They just keep saying the same old things, not realizing that the nation has moved beyond their clich?s. The bottom line is this line that I’m an “entertainer,” which Podesta brought up again. They mean it as an insult, and a way to discredit me – even as they run to the arms of every entertainer Hollywood has to offer.
Last night, I laughed to myself, “I’ve always taken pride in combining a serious discussion of the issues in a way that’s fun and entertaining,” and that’s when it hit me! What is it on this program that’s entertaining? What is it that provides the laughs? The left! The liberals themselves are the star attractions! We have these old biddies stripping nude in California protesting the war, and people are shaking their heads, “We were attacked, granny!” We have that second clip, of the ignorant and absurd Sheryl Crow spouting bumper sticker slogans like, “[T]he best way to solve problems is to not have enemies.” Brilliant.
War is never the answer to solving any problems, she remarked. Tell that to the United States military after World War II. Examples of such hilarity are endless. Just look at the clips in the Best of Rush on TV archive. We have Joycelyn Elders, who said that masturbation needs to be taught in schools, and we have Janet Reno. We have trial lawyers like John Edwards suing McDonald’s for fatty foods. We’ve filled an entire Parody Archive with songs poking fun at liberals! So the liberals can keep searching for a liberal Rush all they want. It’s not going to happen.

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