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John Kerry-Heinz – the richest man in the Senate – keeps talking about the world getting more “interdependent,” so we have to give up our independence to global bureaucracies. Reuters ran a story headlined: “Democrats Urge Bush to Slow Down on Iraq,” ignoring the fact that if we go any slower, we’ll go backwards. The Germans and French hope to defang us by using the power they don’t have, but that the UN gives them. They are cowards.
Tom Daschle said it would be “a huge mistake” for Bush to proceed without allies and the UN. What is Resolution 1441 if not an authorization of the use of force? The Democratic Party is willing, in the form of a presidential campaign, to subordinate our sovereignty to a bunch of nations and tinhorn dictators. That’s how eager these Democrats are to get back in power! They’ll cripple a sitting president’s power to defend us, because to them, the #1 threat to America is Republicans in power – and they’ll deal with Saddam and Al-Qaeda and North Korea when they’re on the bridge.

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