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The most important thing to the Democrats is the reacquisition of power. The worst things that can possibly happen to them are a revived economy and a successful Iraq liberation. That?s why I don?t believe all these push polls. If the Democrats really thought Bush was losing support, would they be yapping constantly? Would they be doing crazy things like issuing a response to his State of the Union before he even delivers it? No, they?d let him self-destruct with his “uncertain” policy.
This SOTU ?prebuttal? is an attempt to shape what Bush says on Tuesday night. John Kerry is out there calling Bush ?belligerent and myopic.? Hey, I have a question for the richest man in the Senate and all these other Democrats who voted with him for the use of force: explain your change of heart. The American people still love President Bush. They trust him and support him, and all the polls bear that out ? the numbers you guys focus on don?t matter.
The intellectual vapidity of the opposition to all this ? from the Germans, French abroad to the Democrats at home ? is staggering. So is the editorializing in supposed news stories, such as this from AP: ?Two reports painted a hazy picture of the economy Thursday, suggesting that economic activity is gaining momentum, but?? What?s this ?but,? huh? Suddenly, it?s “uncertainty” about attacking Iraq that will hurt the economic recovery. They want us to just back off ? never mind that another 9/11, or a WMD attack, would devastate our economy.
Saddam has committed breach after breach, and now won?t let us interview his WMD scientists. We have all the certainty we need that our cause is just. These appeasers will do anything to stop the war, simply because they think it will be a political success. They?ll deal with the fallout (maybe literally) when they?re back in power. Sure, it’ll end the “uncertainty” if we back off now and look like a paper tiger. But you know what else will be certain? If we start dropping the bombs on Saddam’s head NOW.

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