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Subject: New Subscriber
Dear Good Doctor-
The amount of information on Rush 24/7 is extremely impressive. I wish I had made the jump sooner! I was skeptical about whether I would have access to the wealth of knowledge on the 24/7 site that the Wall Street Journal site provides. However, after looking at the size of your Stack of Stuff, I realized you actually had more relevant information than I ever could have dreamed! I am usually at a client’s place of business during your show, and now can listen to any show I miss at home. Brilliant!

Subject: Thank You, Rush
The best thing my wife ever did for me was a birthday gift of Rush 24/7. I do not known where we would be without you. I cannot imagine now coming home and not listening to you…reading the Stack of Stuff…and hearing your wisdom. Your website is indispensable for Conservatives like me to get the real story on things.

Subject: Rush 24/7
Two days ago, I became a Rush 24/7 subscriber. The main reason is the great uninterrupted stream I receive by connecting direct to your site versus a website radio station. Bottom line: great stuff.
Tom, US Army (Ret.)

Subject: Rush 24/7 Data is Extremely Useful
Dear Rush,
I felt so empowered to be able to respond to some liberal weenie writing in our local paper about how the “Republican wealth” was used to buy elections. I responded with the information on your website regarding how much more the deep-pocketed Dems were contributing vs. Republicans.
Thanks again,
Jack, Virginia

Subject: I Just Became a Member
Hi Rush!
I just wanted to wish you a wonderful day. I became a Rush 24/7 member about 5 minutes ago. I am 24-years-old. My father introduced me to your show when I was a young girl and I have been listening to you ever since. You are a wonderful teacher, and a brilliant man! Thank you for everything.
Kind regards,

Subject: Rush 24/7 Is Awesome!
On December 27th, I decided by buy myself a little after-Christmas present and purchased a subscripton to Rush 24/7. I must tell you that this is the best $50 I ever spent! I love your website!
Thanks again,
Jeff, Ohio

Subject: Finally Became a Rush 24/7 Member
Why did I wait so long? I just signed up a week ago, and thanx to your Stack of Stuff, my 12-year-old son and I were able to get information on 2nd hand smoking not being a danger – and my son used it in school to dispute what the local DARE official was trying to teach students. I was finally able to find enough information about the tax increase by the Democrats and how tax cuts help grow the economy.
After two years, I was able to fight back against some liberals at work without stuttering! I started watching your TV show & listening to you in 1992, but I was never able to memorize enough information to argue intellectually without stuttering. I am so glad you offer this information at all times!!
Thanks, and massive dittos from then Valley of the Sun!!!
Sharon, Arizona

Remember: This is the first and only website to live up to the promise of the Internet. Like electric lights and the television, the invention of Rush 24/7 can help make every minute of your life better. See how in A Day in the Life of a Rush 24/7 Member – and keep your eye out for more testimonials like this from Dittoheads like you.

Subject: Message from Brand New Rush 24/7 Member
I just signed up yesterday, and immediately clicked on the Dittocam. After being a member for less than 24 hours, I wish I’d signed up long ago. Sitting here listening to yesterday’s pre-show – that alone is worth the price.
Keep up the great work!

Subject: Dittocam Archive
Dear Rush,
I’ve been an avid listener of yours since you hit the airwaves here in Detroit. Unfortunately, my job often prevents me from listening because – if I’m not on the road listening in my car – I am unable to receive the AM signal in the building where I work. Since recently becoming a member of Rush 24/7, I can sit and listen to you on my computer, so I rarely miss your fine broadcasts.
The best benefit is the fact that I can catch up on missed broadcasts through your Dittocam Archive!!! On mornings, while slaving away at my desk, I proudly go to the archive and listen to missed broadcast or even favorite classic ones. I am now able to listen to you for a good 6 hours a day! What more could a red-blooded American ask for?
Bob, Michigan

Subject: The Homeless Dumpster Diving Video “Can’t Be”
Dear Rush,
This is my second year as a Rush 24/7 subscriber. I’ve finally made my way around to the Best of Rush on TV archives. I just watched the <a href=”//home/best/dumpsterdive.member.html”>homeless advocacy video</a> about eating out of dumpsters. I mean, if I showed that to my liberal-leaning friends they would think YOU sponsored that video for your own TV show’s benefit. I am dumbfounded. How do you, as host, find anything to say about such horrible things besides, “I can’t believe it.” You’re an amazing man.

Subject: What A Value!
Just want to drop you a note to tell you I LOVE my Rush 24/7! I listen to you when I want to AND when I do, I don’t have to listen to the commercials! I get to listen to what I want to hear: you without interruption or breaks!

Subject: Thank You for Rush 24/7…
Hey Rush,
Here it is Sunday afternoon. I have the playoff game on the TV (with the sound turned off), I am listening to Wednesday’s third hour on Rush 24/7 and am doing some real work on the PC. The only reason the football game is on is so I can watch that <a target=new href=”//home/weekend_sites/weekinreview_012003_012403/content/sexy_beer_commercials_dont_exploit_babes.member.html”>Miller Lite ad</a> with the two chicks wrestling. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
Thank you for Rush 24/7!
Richard, Texas

Subject: Rush 24/7
Being a subscriber to the Limbaugh Letter (and enjoying every word) I had to try Rush 24/7. I’m – once again – enjoying every word. Thanks for all your hard work. We enjoy it on this end.
Ron, Michigan

Subject: Rush 24/7 – Now I Know
Thanks for the Rush 24/7. Now I know why you call it EIB [Excellence in Broadcasting]. I tried the network streaming of your show and kept losing their feed. Subscribed today and never – yes, I said, “never” – once lost the stream. And all the stuff! I think I have died and gone to Conservative Heaven. God bless you and yours.
Walter, Texas

Subject: I’m So Excited!
God, Rush!
I am not the most computer-literate person, but I got the Dittocam figured out. Fun! Fun! Fun! I just subscribed to Rush 24/7 a week or so ago and I LOVE IT!

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