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I loved telling people that I was upset that Secretary Powell’s speech was even necessary. We’ve known everything he said about Saddam Hussein was true. Yet the press framed the debate as the “hawks” on one side of the administration – Rummy, Wolfowitz, Cheney – and Powell on the other. We had all these suspicious leaks in the New York Times and the Washington Post, at which point I told you that those weren’t accidental.
This White House hates leaks, which means they had a hand in what the press reported. It’s been a clear strategery from Day One. Bush reluctantly agrees to go to UN on Powell’s recommendation; Powell gets Security Council Resolution 1441 with Hussein allies France and German on board; the SecState’s star rises higher than ever – and then he comes down and makes this case for war!
Now the other nations of the world, and liberals at home, have no choice but to go with Powell! We have just witnessed one of the most brilliantly conceived, flawlessly executed strategeries ever to come out of the White House. George W. Bush didn’t care whether or not it was he or his SecState or anyone else who persuaded his opponents. All he wanted is for the truth to get out. He knew way in advance that there was going to be institutional opposition to him on the Democratic side of the aisle and in the press, so he brilliantly outflanked them.

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