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The nations that declare their nuclear weapons or programs, aren’t the ones you have to worry about. North Korea is starving, so they’re using their nuclear program to get attention and food and oil. But when you have a nation like Iraq that is hiding and denying its nuclear program, you have to worry – because those are the nations that are planning to use those weapons offensively. That’s the scary thing about Iraq.
There are several ways that you can answer this “NK vs. Iraq” false choice. Basically, you have to realize that it takes just as much time and attention to appease Iraq, North Korea and al-Qaeda as it does to deal with them. If you’re going to honestly compare these two nations, your only conclusion is that you don’t want Iraq to become another North Korea. Remember, we’re only dealing with North Korea as it is because Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright gave them two nuclear reactors to play with.
Kim Jong-Il does not want to die. He knows that the moment they use one of those weapons, they cease to exist. They’re bargaining, not going on offense. Saddam is doing exactly the opposite. On Meet the Press, Madam Albright pretty much admitted that the Clinton people blew it by not taking Sudan’s offer to turn over bin Laden to the United States. Remember also that in 1998, the Democrats and Clinton used the same rhetoric Bush uses today on Iraq. It sounded good, but it was just a distraction from impeachment, so Saddam just kept building his arsenal.

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