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Senator Daschle, it is you who opposed the Homeland Security bill and held it up. You guys are standing in the way of what the president wants to do in the war on terror and have nothing to offer for the economy. It’s outrageous to accuse Estrada of stonewalling the U.S. Senate when it’s Tom Daschle that’s stonewalling the U.S. Senate. Miguel Estrada is watching his reputation besmirched by a bunch of clowns who couldn’t hold his robes, if you ask me.
Senator Daschle has boxed in his party, because there is literal outrage and anger at the Democrats for holding up the first nomination of an Hispanic to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and thereby refusing to get onto all this other stuff. The damage to the Democratic Party will be immense if Miguel Estrada is defeated. They will always be remembered for defeating the first Hispanic nominee to the nation’s second highest court. They will never live that down and they shouldn’t.
Remember Senator Daschle, you sat on the defense appropriations bill in the midst of war for eight months. All this talk about how the Estrada nomination is holding up the war is folly. You held it up, senator, in addition to cutting defense all eight years of the Clinton administration. You’re almost naked here, senator, the way you’re showing what you and your party are really all about.

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