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As evidenced by our phone call from Sylvia in Wisconsin, an Hispanic Democrat, the people of this country are seeing what the Democrats are doing, and it’s outraging them. It is angering them to no end. I joked early in the program that Univision ought to broadcast this Senate debate so Hispanic America can see what’s happening, but they don’t need Univision, me or anybody else to tell them about this. It’s on display. The Democrats are slitting their own throats, and that’s why I say let them continue. It may create an atmosphere that’s quite acrimonious for a while, but anything that weakens liberalism is only promoting the health of this country.
This outrage is only going to build and become more intense, the longer this goes, especially if they keep saying things like Miguel Estrada is not a real Hispanic. Sylvia put it perfectly when she said, “We’re supposed to be happy with a white black guy, Bill Clinton as the first black president, that’s supposed to satisfy us. We’re supposed to be happy with white Hispanic people, we’re supposed to be happy with white Asian people. But genuine Hispanics and genuine blacks, when they get too close to power, they get shoved away by the Democratic leadership.” And she’s exactly right. I hope Sylvia calls us back, because I want to make her a subscriber to RUSH 24/7.

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