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Now let’s look at Bill Clinton’s two Supreme Court nominees, both of whom were confirmed to that court – one above the one Estrada would sit on – with GOP support. First, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: After law school she clerked for a district court judge, which is below an appeals court judge. She then became a professor at Rutgers law school and began litigating for the ACLU. She then joined Columbia law school’s staff, continued to litigate for the ACLU and argued six Supreme Court cases. She was then appointed to the Court of Appeals for the D.C. circuit by Carter in 1980.
Clinton nominee Stephen Breyer: after law school he clerked for Supreme Court justice Arthur Goldberg; he then worked in the DOJ’s anti-trust division, taught at Harvard Law, and spent a few months working for Archibald Cox on the Watergate investigation in 1974. In ’74 and ’75, and ’79-’80, he was counsel to Ted Kennedy on the Senate judiciary committee. In 1980, Jimmy Carter appointed Breyer to the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (Boston). Breyer didn’t argue a single case before the U.S. Supreme Court before making the huge career leap to the Big Bench.

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