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<a target=new href=”http://service.bfast.com/bfast/click?bfmid=2181&sourceid=38461944&bfpid=0446527564&bfmtype=book”></a>Democrats claim to want “full disclosure.” (They held a hearing for Estrada when they controlled the Senate, so why didn’t they ask their questions then?) Hey, we’re all for full-disclosure, too! Ted Kennedy on Chappaquiddick; Hillary Clinton on Rose Law Firm’s billing records; Bill Clinton on Juanita Broaddrick’s rape charges – and how about full disclosure on how much Tom and Linda Daschle make off Mrs. Daschle’s lobbying of the House? I’d pronounce all the legislation she lobbies for DOA until I got “full disclosure” on that.
We don’t need judges or trials at all if all they’re going to do is vote one way all the time. No previous person has been forced to release these kinds writings; it is a separation of powers issue. Democrats are just trying to stonewall and obstruct Estrada any way they can. They claim that Bush is trying to stack the court with conservative ideologues – but that’s what they’re doing. Judge Starr mentioned to me that GOP senators rubberstamped Clinton’s judicial nominees, because they figured he’d won the election. The Democrats don’t see it that way; they’re playing hardball.
It’s 100% B.S. to claim Estrada is “withholding” evidence. They did not seek any further answers at the end of his hearing in written form, which is the usual way to get answers on judges. Chuck Schumer didn’t even bother to ask Estrada a single question – yet he’s the one screaming the loudest that the guy’s a “stealth candidate.” If the Democrats are going to tie up this nomination, if they want to do it through filibustering everything and even side with Germany and France on appeasing our enemies in the war on terrorism, well, let’s do the same thing.
The Democrats are terrified of Estrada because he’s up for this lifetime appointment to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals – and that’s the court that reviews congressional actions. Liberals live in abject fear of a conservative judge on that court, one who applies the law as written instead of “legislating from the bench.” They are terrified by a limited government – which means they’re doing all of this to keep you from having an advocate for your personal freedom and liberty. When you know this, their rabid opposition of this historic Hispanic nominee becomes crystal clear.

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