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Last night on the Fox News Channel, Dick Morris related a story that constitutes more evidence of the obsession William Jefferson Clinton has with this program. You can hear in the audio link below how Clinton supposedly first heard about this program – during his presidency in a phone call from his mother-in-law – and then called Morris about it at 1AM. I don’t necessarily believe the details of the story. I think it’s a little bit fabricated, because I know Clinton talked about me before his election.

Remember when I endorsed Clinton? For those of you new to the program, I endorsed Bill Clinton during the ’92 campaign and then 20 minutes later denied it and said I couldn’t be held accountable for things I’d done in my youth. I tried to illustrate absurdity by being absurd, to illustrate Clinton’s techniques of lying and disingenuousness. It caused an hour and a half of phone calls from people threatening to never listen to me again.

Shortly after the election, Clinton was quoted in Atlanta as saying he fully expected to have a rapprochement with me and he felt it would be possible to win me over, because I almost endorsed him. So, this notion that Clinton had only heard about me because of his mother-in-law is a little bit stretched, and I know why, but the point of it is that the Clinton family remains obsessed with the EIB Network.

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