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Of course, the definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of declining GDP, which we don’t have now. George W. Bush is the first president with an MBA, but ambulance chasing trial lawyer John Edwards knows more about economics?
If you have any doubt that these people are trying to position themselves to take advantage of bad news, look no further than John Edwards. Why lie about this? He’s supposed to be the new kid on the block, the bright-eyed young contender, but does he bring forth a new playbook? Does he bring forth a new page in the old playbook? No. He engages in the same worn out, tired, class warfare rhetoric. He’s stuck in the past with all of his compatriots, because it’s all they know.
It’s bad news for us, good news for them. It’s no different than the way they are positioning themselves to make political hay if there is another terrorist attack in this country. In fact, backing me up on this contention is none other than Steve Brill, writing in this week’s Newsweek. It’s an article about how the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton, are positioning themselves politically for the next terrorist attack – as I warned weeks ago.

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