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When a former president meets with a dictator, it sends the message to his people that he’s legitimate and powerful – especially when that man holds the Nobel Peace Prize. But that prize is now tarnished and meaningless. The committee admitted giving it to Carter to send a political message to President Bush. Now they’ve nominated Bono and the former governor of Illinois, that Republican who emptied death row as the final act of a tarnished political career.
When you look at the results Carter gets, his strategy is simple: good must give way to evil, and freedom must surrender to tyranny. He wants the U.S. to further pressure the Israelis to surrender their security to the Palestinian terrorists. He wants the U.S. to further appease North Korea, which has already broken its 1994 agreement. I don’t know why Jimmy Carter can’t see this. My guess is he does, but he’s just typically liberal. He feels so much better about himself when he says this stuff. It’s all about “Me, me, me” with these types.
In liberalism, you say all these wonderful flowery things; they actually end up causing the opposite of what your stated goals are, but you feel better about yourself and thus call it success. When former presidents like Carter and Bill Clinton bash the incumbent president to draw the admiration of the anti-American left in Europe, they signal people like Chirac and Schroeder that they need not refrain from attacking our president. If they think Bush is wrong, that’s fine, but don’t exploit hatred for things like peace prizes and speaking fees abroad.

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